Mark's Street Style Photography Workshop is a great workshop for any aspiring and seasoned photographer looking to learn more about how to approach street style photography specifically.  I loved that this workshop included a professional team of a hair/makeup artist and a wardrobe stylist! It is hard to find a workshop that includes these important elements and how to communicate with a team to bring a vision to life for a shoot. Even as a seasoned photographer myself, I really appreciated how Mark explained his point of view and approach.  He did a great job explaining concepts of styling, posing, composition, and working with a team.  With the intimate small group setting, you have ample time to ask Mark and his team questions and shoot and direct the model 1 on 1, without tons of people behind your shoulder all trying to get the same shot. Mark's workshop approach is more conversational and relaxed, which made the entire experience very enjoyable and fun. He'll share knowledge and provide you instruction, which you can immediately implement and put into practice when shooting the model. Again, this workshop is great for anyone looking to learn more about street style photography, working with teams, and build a portfolio.

TINA LEU / Owner and Photographer at Modern Portrait and Commercial Studio

Shooting with Mark is a really unique experience that I don’t typically get when shooting with other people. On top of that, you’re a very chill guy that I kinda see now as a mentor. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the workshops.

As someone just entering the professional realm of photography it’s very important for me to get as much experience as possible with models stylists and makeup artist and having the pleasure to attend Marks workshop is something really special. To be provided all of those necessary experiences and to see a Professional photographer work really can’t get any better. Then to top it all off to get the opportunity to network with other like minded individuals is just a cherry on top.

JONATHAN GEORGE / Photographer

This workshop helped improve my creativity and showed me that there are many different ways to approach my shot. Mark provided full details and was very helpful in guiding me through the shoot and telling me what subjects should be in focus so that each photo will have their own message. He taught me different techniques on framing my portrait and answered any questions that i had for him. This workshop not only showed me how to become a better photographer but also a creative director. I learned that working together as a collective really helps because you gain more insight from other artists to understand what you can do to improve your creativity. If you want to experience working with a creative team as well as improving your photography and get a better understanding as to what happens behind the scenes then I highly recommend taking his workshop.

KOBE BRIAN / Photographer

Working with Mark has always been the best. His outlook on photography is truly inspiring and has taught me a lot as a model. He knows exactly how to get the best angles and create crazy lighting even when it seems like there isn’t any. Working with him in the workshop was interesting to see how he taught others to open up and become the best photographers they can be. He provided the tools and hands on teaching that the photographer needed in order to capture images both far away and up close. He also will teach you how to interact with models in order to get them the photos they want and to make them feel comfortable when shooting. By signing up for this workshop your photography skills will change in ways you didn’t even know possible. He provides the model, stylist and makeup artist as well so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Definitely sign up for his workshop and excel your career or hobby today


Participating in Mark's photography workshop is a very unique experience. As a photographer for the past few years I was skeptical to pay for a workshop and didn't know if I would learn much from his workshop. However I took this opportunity to learn from another photographers point of view and am glad I did. I've been try to get my creative juices flowing again since I work a 9 to 5 desk job which some might say takes your creativity away. I not only sharpened up on my skills but also learned how to better compose and work with my subjects as well. Mark really helped me get out of my creative funk and makes me enjoy creating again. I would highly recommend Marks workshop for any creative at any level willing to learn.

TOAN LAM / Creative Director / Photographer

I truly enjoyed my experience during Marks third workshop! I was surrounded by tons of creatives who were eager to learn new things as well as share some of their own knowledge. Ive worked with Mark on several projects and I’m always amazed at how patient and helpful he is! This workshop was a great time to network and grow. I’d for sure recommend this workshop to any up and coming photographers or photographers who simply want to brush up on some things.


First, I’ve been following Mark’s work for a while and I'm a total fan by his seemingly simple use of composition and lighting to make an impactful picture. He was a genius to me.  When he announced he was going to do a workshop I was already onboard. Meeting him first day he was super chill and made you feel like he’s an old friend. He talked a little bit about the business of photography and how he came up. I couldn’t stop asking him questions and he was open to share anything. This vibe continued throughout the workshop. We had two models in a shot, something I’ve never done before. He walked me through how he directed them and set up the shot and lighting, it was so simple but when I saw it in camera I was shocked. He gave me a shot at directing as well, something I enjoy doing so I naturally fell in place. He encouraged me to be creative and create a shot he hasn’t done yet. I loved that. He was supportive throughout the whole shoot. I got in my groove and started picking other locations to shoot, he was all about it. I learned so much about his process of creation and inspiration and it felt achievable and accessible. He just approached everything with fun and encouragement, it wasn’t stuffy or anything, you could see he truly enjoyed what he was doing and was passionate about sharing his knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another workshop with him again and highly encourage anyone on the fence to jump onboard.

BEN AMARE / Photographer

The MRKD Photography Workshop was by far one of the best modeling experiences I’ve had. Mark AKA @1llest has been a pioneer in the photography game. Not only has he paved the way for the photography scene in the DMV but more so building something that we don’t have here. He is teaching other aspiring streetwear photographers the craftsmanship of being a great photographer in the game. I admire his work ethic and how he can bring together a team of creatives to achieve a goal which every individual can take from his Workshop.


I had the opportunity to be apart of Mark's Photography workshop in DC.  What an amazing experience.  The way he was able to corral so many different creative elements to give his students a real experience of how a photographer should think and operate.  We did it at a park in the middle of DC and even onlookers who saw the stylist, makeup artist, models etc all getting set up, knew they were watching something amazing unfold.  As a friend and a model, every time I am around Mark in his natural element, I learn so much.  I learn how to move, how to use the surroundings, staying natural and fluid, along with remembering all of my movements to recreate them behind the camera.  As a model, knowing how to accent the environment and also what the photographer is trying to capture helps make the experience much more enjoyable.  Mark has a profound vision and is able to step in and assist with every part of the creative process.  If you want to learn how to, not only be a better photographer, but to also enhance your vision and creative direction; a Getmarkd Workshop is what you want to be apart of. 


Figuring out how to create content for my brand has been a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or who to ask questions to. Luckily I had just started following Mark (1llest) on Instagram when I saw his post about an upcoming workshop and decided to check it out. Once arriving at the workshop site Mark began directing everyone in attendance while still catering to each individual’s need.  Mark’s workshop is a safe place where you can make mistakes and have the opportunity to try new things out. These workshops not only help you learn about photography but open you up to other talented individuals. I cannot wait to attend his next workshop and continue to learn from Mark and his trusted team. This experience has helped me figure out how to direct others in positioning models and network with local photographers


Attending a workshop was a new experience to me! I didn't know what to expect and I was shocked by the amount of creative minds Mark brought together. What I liked the most about the day was the group. It was very unique  and diverse and beside photographers and models , there were designers , stylists, brand owners, makeup artist and more.

One of the biggest lessons I got from the workshop was Mark’s vision of the importance of people whom you are surrounded with and with whom you create together.

I was thrilled of amount of information that Mark gave us. His energy and positive vibe made me feel the flow and I lost track of time during workshop. His attention to details is next level , you can tell by seeing him work. Details are very important and I learned I should concentrate more on small things first to make bigger picture pop!

        Last thing I want to talk about is something that I noticed during the workshop , typically most of the photographers I met , they like to talk about cameras, gear and lenses but Mark talked about directing models, location and lighting details and other small things that makes us professionals.  

        Whenever I see that Mark is hosting another workshop Ill definitely try to attend, I can't explain in words about motivation and energy I got from him and his workshop , but every single day I want to create something new ,  my head is full of ideas and i realise that i haven't been this pumped for a long time! Thank you Mark! I definitely recommend each and every one who is related to photography and/or street fashion to invest in yourself and attend Mark workshop. Their is so much to learn from him!

EDWARD / Photographer

I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to come out to your workshop, it was all worth it honestly. As soon as I pulled up everyone who was there was so nice and genuine, and I felt a great energy from everyone. I got to meet many people that I hope to work with in the future, and obviously I got to meet you. Watching everyone work was inspiring and made me want to go harder with my modeling career.

CHRIS SOTO / Aspiring Model