It’s heart breaking to think that someone would just pickup a bag that they know doesn't belong to them and walk away with it. Not even knowing what was inside. Maybe they did. Maybe, just maybe, it was someone I know. At this point in my freelance career some things don’t come as a surprise.

If you know me and have been following my social you are well aware of the unfortunate event that I am speaking about above. If you don’t know, let me fill you in.

A few weeks back my camera gear was stolen. I have everything in there. I lost gear and on top of that, tons of work I had on my memory cards that had yet to see the start of a Lightroom editing session. Gone. Everything was gone and in that moment in time, I thought I was lost.

I had just arrived in D.C. for what was only going to be a few weeks trip. Gather some more things, knock out some projects and link up with the homies. This thief, not only stole my gear, but they also stole my time and energy forcing me to stay put for a few more weeks in the DMV area and take all the freelance jobs I can to rebuild. Luckily I have great friends and a great network of individuals that stepped up and was there for me while lending me gear to get by during my stay. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I need to replace my gear before I head back to LA to start a new chapter in my creative career.

Here's the deal... I am putting on another Streetstyle Photography Workshop on November 17th. I am slashing the price on this one since it’s for a special cause and to also say thank you to those who helped me in my time of need. If you have been wanting to book a workshop with me and my team, this is your time. I want to get more people involved with this workshop and if you sign up, just know you are helping me towards my goal of replacing my equipment.

Attendees will also get first pick at the first round of GetMarkd Stickers. I will be selling these at the workshop and online for $5 each.

For $200 you can join me and my crew of stylists, make up artists and models and learn what it takes to stand out in the Streetwear fashion industry as a photographer. You can book your slot on line at

Thank you for your support.