“The Olympian”

Who is J.Reyes? 

J Reyes is a creator/entrepreneur Washingtonian born and raised in Washington DC. Attend the art institute of Washington where the art class enhanced to sneaker painting for classmates custom painting Air Force ones (for a couple of get by bucks) you needed shoes to match your fits I was the guy to see. Wanted to take my passion to the higher scale and had an opportunity to collaborate with an Italian company who’ve has allowed me to market my own brand.

Where are you from? 

D.C. Native Born and raised in the DMV

What inspired you to get into the sneaker game?

Entrepreneurship really. The fascination of sneakers, wanting to contribute to a culture I enjoy by bringing a little of my liking to the game.

Who are your biggest inspiration? 

Always have to credit the greats like Pharrell Williams,virgil abloh,Kanye and John Geiger huge inspiration. But top of the list would have to be Dominic Chambrone(The shoe surgeon) not just because his talent but,his story speaks to people like myself from lost/troubled Upbringings. We really come from nothing and not use that as an excuse Major inspiration.

Why did you choose this concept?

Wanted to make a strong introduction I wanted something appealing to the eye and went with a concept that nobody else was doing , so I introduced the J Reyes brand with the silver bottoms.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to have the J Reyes brand distributed from a retail supplier want to see my shoes in stores and hopefully make it a global brand. Nothing easy but is definitely not impossible.