Street Style Workshop #1
May 13, 2019


Mark Enriquez


Shareef Mohammed


Liz Mulkey



"Mark's Street Style Photography Workshop is a great workshop for any aspiring and seasoned photographer looking to learn more about how to approach street style photography specifically.  I loved that this workshop included a professional team of a hair/makeup artist and a wardrobe stylist! It is hard to find a workshop that includes these important elements and how to communicate with a team to bring a vision to life for a shoot. Even as a seasoned photographer myself, I really appreciated how Mark explained his point of view and approach.  He did a great job explaining concepts of styling, posing, composition, and working with a team.  With the intimate small group setting, you have ample time to ask Mark and his team questions and shoot and direct the model 1 on 1, without tons of people behind your shoulder all trying to get the same shot. Mark's workshop approach is more conversational and relaxed, which made the entire experience very enjoyable and fun. He'll share knowledge and provide you instruction, which you can immediately implement and put into practice when shooting the model. Again, this workshop is great for anyone looking to learn more about street style photography, working with teams, and build a portfolio." - TINA LEU / Owner and Photographer at Modern Portrait and Commercial Studio

"Working with Mark has always been the best. His outlook on photography is truly inspiring and has taught me a lot as a model. He knows exactly how to get the best angles and create crazy lighting even when it seems like there isn’t any. Working with him in the workshop was interesting to see how he taught others to open up and become the best photographers they can be. He provided the tools and hands on teaching that the photographer needed in order to capture images both far away and up close. He also will teach you how to interact with models in order to get them the photos they want and to make them feel comfortable when shooting. By signing up for this workshop your photography skills will change in ways you didn’t even know possible. He provides the model, stylist and makeup artist as well so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Definitely sign up for his workshop and excel your career or hobby today." - LIZ / Model

"Shooting with Mark is a really unique experience that I don’t typically get when shooting with other people. On top of that, you’re a very chill guy that I kinda see now as a mentor. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the workshops." - JONATHAN GEORGE / Photographer