Street Style Workshop #2
June 1, 2019


Mark Enriquez


Shareef Mohammed

Makeup / Hair 

Sarah Carter


Chena Morrison



"As someone just entering the professional realm of photography it’s very important for me to get as much experience as possible with models stylists and makeup artist and having the pleasure to attend Marks workshop is something really special. To be provided all of those necessary experiences and to see a Professional photographer work really can’t get any better. Then to top it all off to get the opportunity to network with other like minded individuals is just a cherry on top." - JOHNATHAN GEORGE / PHOTOGRAPHER

KOBE BRIAN / Photographer

"This workshop helped improve my creativity and showed me that there are many different ways to approach my shot. Mark provided full details and was very helpful in guiding me through the shoot and telling me what subjects should be in focus so that each photo will have their own message. He taught me different techniques on framing my portrait and answered any questions that i had for him. This workshop not only showed me how to become a better photographer but also a creative director. I learned that working together as a collective really helps because you gain more insight from other artists to understand what you can do to improve your creativity. If you want to experience working with a creative team as well as improving your photography and get a better understanding as to what happens behind the scenes then I highly recommend taking his workshop." - KOBE BRIAN / PHOTOGRAPHER

TOAN LAM / Photographer

"Participating in Mark's photography workshop is a very unique experience. As a photographer for the past few years I was skeptical to pay for a workshop and didn't know if I would learn much from his workshop. However I took this opportunity to learn from another photographers point of view and am glad I did. I've been try to get my creative juices flowing again since I work a 9 to 5 desk job which some might say takes your creativity away. I not only sharpened up on my skills but also learned how to better compose and work with my subjects as well. Mark really helped me get out of my creative funk and makes me enjoy creating again. I would highly recommend Marks workshop for any creative at any level willing to learn." - TOAN LAM / CREATIVE DIRECTOR / PHOTOGRAPHER