Street Style Workshop #3
July 7, 2019


Mark Enriquez


Shareef Mohammed

Makeup / Hair 

Sarah Carter


Destinee Foster



First, I’ve been following Mark’s work for a while and I'm a total fan by his seemingly simple use of composition and lighting to make an impactful picture. He was a genius to me.  When he announced he was going to do a workshop I was already onboard. Meeting him first day he was super chill and made you feel like he’s an old friend. He talked a little bit about the business of photography and how he came up. I couldn’t stop asking him questions and he was open to share anything. This vibe continued throughout the workshop. We had two models in a shot, something I’ve never done before. He walked me through how he directed them and set up the shot and lighting, it was so simple but when I saw it in camera I was shocked. He gave me a shot at directing as well, something I enjoy doing so I naturally fell in place. He encouraged me to be creative and create a shot he hasn’t done yet. I loved that. He was supportive throughout the whole shoot. I got in my groove and started picking other locations to shoot, he was all about it. I learned so much about his process of creation and inspiration and it felt achievable and accessible. He just approached everything with fun and encouragement, it wasn’t stuffy or anything, you could see he truly enjoyed what he was doing and was passionate about sharing his knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another workshop with him again and highly encourage anyone on the fence to jump onboard.